The Complete Guide to Gear for Landscape Photographers. As I look back on three consecutive months of teaching workshops and leading tours, I noticed a reoccurring theme, and one that needed to be addressed as soon as possible. Landscape photographers, especially those new to the craft, do not have the right gear. This begs the question: what is the right gear? That's the journey this eBook will take you on with 115 pages of comprehensive gear recommendations for landscape photographers. In addition to my advice, included in the book are interviews with some of the top landscape photographers in the field, sharing their gear secrets. Whether you are a beginner looking to put together a kit, or a veteran curious to see recommendations on the latest and greatest gear, this book covers it all! Enjoy the journey!

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Whats Included in the eBook

In plain language, and drawing from his years of knowledge as an avid full-time photographer, Justin Reznick tells you what equipment you should be looking for to achieve your vision. His recommendations make sense. He tells you that your camera is not the most important thing you can own, that iphone cameras have their uses, and that rubber bands can save you thousands. And he avoids some of the battles that equipment nerds fight over, instead giving you practical, real-world recommendations. While the latest and greatest gear won’t itself make your photographs shine, having an expert lead you through these decisions will go a long way.

In this book Justin Reznick tells you in black and white what the current top of the line gear is, and doesn’t waste a breath on anything else. If you are looking for an in-depth pros vs. cons analysis of every camera and accessory at every budget, you won’t find that here. What you will find is a detailed summary of the current state of the art for camera equipment for landscape photography. So if you are a serious shooter in search of the best stuff, this book will tell you what to get.

Bear in mind that while this book does not mince words, there are many successful approaches to landscape photography. You will not, for example, burn in the fiery pits of photography hell if you never buy an L-bracket for your camera.

Also note that even though Justin is not a proponent of graduated ND filters, we here at Sea to Summit love GNDs. To learn what GND filters we recommend, check out our Filter Buying Guide.

The Complete Guide to Gear for the Landscape Photographer contains:

  • Reviews of lenses, accessories, headlamps, backpacks, tripods, ballheads, clothing, camera protection, hand-held GPS devices, photo storage, and more!
  • Explanations for what lines of camera bodies make most sense for each purpose, and discussion of likely new manufacturer developments
  • Interviews with nature photographers who share their secrets on what works for them on shots varying from molten lava to coastal scenes


Justin Reznick is a full-time professional nature photographer from Seattle, Washington. His vision comes from years on the road and off the beaten path. He has explored 66 countries on six continents and has hiked many of the world’s greatest trails. Recent publications of his work can be found in Backpacker Magazine,The Audubon SocietyNature’s BestOutdoor Photographer and Photography Monthly.

Justin displays and sells his work at fine art shows in the Pacific Northwest. He produces custom prints and canvas gallery wraps for corporate offices and homes. To view his work visit