Scott Allen, Washington

Want to save time AND money AND get those amazing shots you've always dreamed of? Then instead of trying to do it on your own and wasting time scrambling around, fighting for space with a bunch of tourists etc, sign up here and let Joe get you to all the best spots at the best times with the best light. There is one problem though... I just returned from this 2015 workshop and I don't know when I'm gonna get time to work on all these epic shots I/we got. I guess that's a good problem, right? 
One more thing for those that have never been to Zion or these amazing slot canyons... There isn't a photo out there that can do justice to the sheer size and beauty that you'll experience. This is seriously one epic "trip", and I am so stoked I went with Joe and brought home the goods!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Justin Berman, New York

I have been out with Joe three times. Once on a tour to Zion national park, once to West Virginia in fall, and 3 days of private touring in Glacier National Park. Working with Joe has done two things. First, I have improved my composition immensely. I find myself spending a lot of time with Joe focused on how he visualizes images in the scene. Second, it has increased my knowledge of an area. Joe freely shares all he thinks about an area, and especially on private tours, expect to hike and see things you don't normally see photographed. I recommend him without reservation.                                                                                                                                                                            

Erica Atherton, Michigan

Warning... Long Endorsement, lol... I first encountered Joe while I was on a personal shooting trip a few years ago in Zion. I was eating lunch at a local place there where Joe happened to be doing a post processing session with his workshop group. I sat listening at a nearby table and really liked what I was hearing, both the information in the processing lesson he was giving and his engagement with his participants. Before I left I introduced myself and got his information. I am very happy I did. 6 months later I attended his West Virginia Waterfall workshop. Before I went I was feeling very disillusioned by some of the photography workshops I attended where I felt I gained nothing for the price of admission. My experience in West Virginia changed my feelings about workshops. When it comes to choosing a workshop a good leader makes all the difference in the world. Joe is one of the best. Since West Virgina I have done his Acadia workshop with the equally awesome Kurt Budliger and most recently his Pacific Northwest workshop with the again awesome Alex Mody. I am currently excited about revisiting Zion this fall as a member of Joe's workshop there and then Death Valley next year. The reason for my excitement is simple... Joe and his fellow leaders know how to chase the light. They also know how to teach you the latest post processing techniques. When I go to one of their workshops I know I am going to not only come away with some fantastic images, I know I will also come away a better photographer because of the experience. And a side note, their workshops attract some really great people who like to have fun. I have made so many friends through these workshops... good shooting in beautiful places, good memories, and a whole lot of laughs. What's not to like?                                                                                                                                                                                                

Bernie B. Villadiego, California

Joe will take you places where most photo guides don't even know about!!!                                                                                                                 

Andrew Steptowe, Texas

I have had the privilege of experiencing two workshops with Adventures in Light; Zion & Page and The Best of the Pacific Northwest. Each was a great learning experience and also tremendous fun! Through his guidance in the field and post processing instruction he has taken my photography to a new level. Joe does his homework to ensure that everyone experiences the best possible light in the best locations. He has a great way of bringing the group together to ensure a truly memorable workshop. I suggest you sign up and see for yourself!   

David Spanburg, Washington D.C.

My very first workshop was with Joe. It was a 3 day workshop at Assateague, VA. Since it was my first workshop, I no idea what to expect. Well, let me tell you, it was a blast. Then I attended his West Virginia Waterfalls workshop. It was even more fun! The photography was outstanding. Joe would not only take you where you could great photos, he explained why he was shooting from where he was and what he was trying to capture. Not only did we chase the light we learned how to better process our photos. Joe not only showed us how he processed his photos, he also worked on some of ours, his students. I am looking forward to the next Workshop I can attend with Joe.  

Debbi Koplen, Virginia

I have taken an abstract photography class from Joe and participated in one of his Great Falls, Virginia weekend workshops. I plan on signing up for more classes and workshops with him. I would highly recommend Joe to anybody who wants to improve their photography. I walked away with photographs that I would not have been able to get on my own,  plus an increased set of photographic skills and knowledge. What I liked the most about him is that he puts so much energy into teaching his students and works with each one of them one on one out in the field to be sure that they will come home with some amazing shots. His passion for photography was clearly evident throughout the sessions.

George Lovelace, Virginia

Joe is student oriented. He covers his subjects clearly, in great detail, gives examples, listens, and makes himself available even when the class is completed. Joe follows up with you to make sure you have no questions. You can always reach Joe

George Walker. Maryland

Joe is a remarkable photographer…his images are just breathtaking. When you attend one of Joe’s workshops you get this full attention and you walk away a better photographer. His engaging personality makes the experience all that much better

Mark Serfas

I had a great time and learned a lot at Joe’s last workshop. Joe taught things I would not be able to get out of a book or magazine. He provides hands-on advice on how to make the most of the current subject or scene conditions – you can not get that out of a publication

Susan Watling

Joseph has an artistic insight and passion for photography which are inspiring. He is able to enthuse and engage his students to extend their own skills. The suggestions concerning equipment, accessories, planning and technique are invaluable. I would recommend his instruction to anyone and look forward to taking more workshops and classes

Alexander M

Joe is a fantastic instructor. He is very informative and he manages to give each workshop participant as much personal attention as they desire. He is very knowledgeable about his subjects and is always able to answer any questions you may have. I have learned a great deal participating in his Great Falls and West Virginia workshops. He has led me to becoming a better photographer. You simply can not go wrong with one of Joes workshops

Wendy Sisson

Just wanted to say thanks again for a great trip! I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired in my life (that means it was great!). I’m just recovering now! I really liked your approach and teaching style. I do think you offer something different from the other workshops. Keep it up! I liked seeing the pictures you took on the trip as part of your lecture. Your images are spectacular. And I also enjoyed the hiking. I went through my pictures quickly and got some really good shots especially of sunrise

Rick Barnard

I participated in Joe’s winter workshop at Blackwater Falls, WV, his HDR workshop in Annapolis, MD and his spring workshop at Great Falls, VA. As a result, I’ve taken some giant steps as a photographer. My ability to “see” photos has greatly improved. I’ve learned a lot about key skills such as digital blending and multiple exposures. I come home with more images that are exhibition quality. The things I’ve picked up in Joe’s classes save me tons of time in post-processing. Joe is a terrific teacher. Whether dealing with the fundamentals or advanced techniques, his zeal and passion for the art shines through. I recommend him to every shooter who wants to take his or her photography to the next level.

Christine Z

I highly recommend Joseph Rossbach’s workshops. His knowledge of photography and artistic talent are outstanding and he is an attentive and personable teacher. His workshops provide an excellent mixture of training and experience so that participants gain fully from Joe’s knowledge.

James.Chan Pan-chung Taipei

I really had a wonderful photography workshop experience with you and friends in Shenandoah National Park and learned so much photographing skills. Your dedicated in photography is respectable and I hope and would like to learn and upgrade my skill with the professional teacher like you when I return USA next time. You always said “you do good job” to me, from my heart you are truly and honestly to say”you do good job”, thank you for your encouragement which mean so much to me!

Eva Kahn

Thanks again for all the good things you taught me. The possibilities are endless.


Hi Joe, Thanks again for a great workshop and for sharing your approach and insights(and wine) with me. I’m most grateful for your time, encouragement and support. I saw you’re recent postings from the Vermont trip and as always,they’re stunning. Look forward to seeing you again in a future workshop.


I just got back from the Vermont workshop, and I wanted to be sure to let you know before too much time passed that it was excellent. I really enjoyed the entire workshop. Joe is a talented leader; he has a great style and he shared his techniques and ideas with everyone in the group and tailored his instruction to each individual. Thanks for providing this opportunity! I’ll hope to attend another some day soon.

Don Bennett

Well I’m late getting this out but I just wanted to let you know
That I really enjoyed your workshop. I especially liked the extra time you took to make sure that I understood the “ combining images the right way” and the “5 step to a masterpiece” techniques you taught us. I will be practicing the techniques you taught us and I am sure that my pictures will be the better for it.

Robin Harrison

Joe, I wanted to thank you and Ian for a most fantastic workshop. Everything was perfect. You guys did a great job picking out locations, adapting to non sunrise (sunset) alternatives, etc. I felt the instruction was the best – always ready to help when asked and making the rounds for those who were too quiet to ask. You dealt with our diverse group with patience and humor. I had the most fun, was amazed at the beauty and learned tons. The Photoshop instruction was also terrific. But, I need a PDF of the steps – as my notes suck! Looking back thru my pictures I feel I improved as the workshop progressed – even finding a leading line or two. I would recommend this workshop to anyone and look forward to attending more of your creative vision workshops. I love the southwest, and you guys made it really special.
thanks so much!

Michael Blanchette

Workshop Testimonial: I attended the West Virginia Waterfalls weekend in May, and it was a superb experience. Joe is hardly satisfied with snapping photographs from overlooks, so I truly enjoyed climbing and hiking along with him to reach more unique locations. You can be sure to return with original photographs on one of his workshops. I plan to return for more.

Bernard Chen

Man…what a great day!! Sunset was just absolutely gorgeous! You know I couldn’t wait to get home to process the image that was still set in my mind. I got one of the sunset up on my main page so please feel free to give your honest critique. I ended up using one image because I like the reflection off the water when exposing for the sky. I made a copy of the original image, brought up the exposure for the cascade and then blended in the sky…than follow your steps that you taught us for Photoshop. I can’t say enough how much I enjoy shooting with you and I’m learning so much on the way. I learned a valuable lesson tonight, I was ready to throw in the towel but you kept us there to see a stunning view. I will remember that next time!

Steve Sattler

Belated thanks for leading a very productive workshop in the Blackwater Falls State Park area. I achieved my goal in learning several good tips per day to improve my photography!
I’ll be on the watch for your future workshops and hope my schedule can accommodate. I’ve signed up for your newsletter to stay in touch.

Jerry Niehaus

Thanks for the great workshop. I learned a lot and had a great time. This was the first photo workshop I have attended and it was nice doing non-sports shooting for a change. The group was great and your enthusiasm was inspiring. I hope to attend another one of your workshops in the near future.