Ricketts Glen harbors Glens Natural Area, a National Natural Landmark. Take the Falls Trail and explore the Glens, which boasts a series of wild, free-flowing waterfalls, each cascading through rock-strewn clefts in this ancient hillside. The 94-foot Ganoga Falls is the highest of 22 named waterfalls. Old growth timber and diverse wildlife add to the scenic area. Ricketts Glen State Park is one of the most scenic areas in Pennsylvania.

The Glens Natural Area, a registered National Natural Landmark since October 12, 1969, and a Pennsylvania State Park Natural Area, is the main scenic attraction in the park. Two branches of Kitchen Creek cut through the deep gorges of Ganoga Glen and Glen Leigh and unite at “Waters Meet” and then flow through Ricketts Glen, among giant pines, hemlocks and oaks.

Many of the magnificent trees in this area are over 500 years old and ring counts on fallen trees have revealed ages as high as 900 years. Diameters of almost four feet are common and many trees tower to 100 feet in height. The area is the meeting ground of the southern and northern hardwood types, creating an extensive variety of trees.

Twenty-one waterfalls are along the Falls Trail within the Glens Natural Area, while one (Adams) is only a few hundred feet from the Evergreen Parking Lot off of PA 118.

This workshop include hiking through the Glens to the very best waterfalls in the PA. I will provide expert instruction, guiding and image critiques over the course of the day. We will hit the trail very early in the morning and go all day until about 4pm. Please remember to pack a lunch, plenty of water and snacks for the day.

  • Dates: October 8, 2014
  • Limit of 8
  • Instructors: Joseph Rossbach
  • Cost: $275.00USD 
  • Deposit: Total due at registration

Physical Difficulty

Activity Level: Moderate

You must be in good physical condition for this workshop and be prepared to spend the majority of the day hiking and shooting. A sturdy tripod, wide angle lens, polariing filter and light backpack are essential. Also, you must have sturdy hiking boots, a treking pole and outdoor clothing for this event.

Recommended Lodging:

Ricketts Glen is about a 4.5 hours drive from Northern Virginia. The city of Bloomsberg, Wilkes-Barre and Scranton lies about 1-hour east of Ricketts Glen. Camping is also an option at the park. Here is a link for their campsite reservations:  

Here is the campsite layout: http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/cs/groups/public/documents/document/dcnr_003169.pdf


We will meet in the morning at 6:30am in the Visitor Center parking lot. After a quick meet & greet, we will drive a few miles over to the trailhead to begin the hike. We will be hitting and shooting waterfalls and cascades until 3 or 4pm at which time we will return to the parking lot and the day will end.

Same schedule for both days.

What to bring:

  • SLR camera 
  • wide angle and zoom lens 
  • tripod 
  • remote trigger release 
  • polarizer filter 
  • lens cloth 
  • headlamp 

Recommended wear:

  • waterproof pants 
  • layered warmth for early morning chills 
  • hat and gloves 
  • sturdy hiking boots

Topics covered

  • Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO
  • Metering and getting a correct exposure
  • Histograms, how to read them, and how to fine-tune exposure 
  • Creative depth-of-field effects using aperture control 
  • White balance and creative coloration 
  • Creating perspective, depth, and a sense of "being there" in your photos 
  • Creating powerful compositions with impact 
  • Composing to control your viewer's attention in your photos 
  • Compositional Balance, Tension, and Visual Flow 
  • How to use filters to capture dramatic light or create long-exposure effects