Alex Mody

Olympia, Washington

Based out of Olympia Washington, Alex Mody leads private tours and workshop of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. 

Suggested Tours Include: Olympic National Park, the Columbia River Gorge, the Oregon Coast, Mount Rainier, the Palouse and the Cascade Mountains.


Kurt Budliger

Montpelier, Vermont

Based out of Montpelier Vermont, Kurt Budliger leads private tours and workshop in New England and beyond.

Suggested Tours Include: Acadia National Park, Vermont, the White Mountains, Adirondack Mountain Preserve, Baxter State Park and much more.


Joseph Rossbach

Annapolis, Maryland

Based out of Annapolis Maryland, Joseph Rossbach leads private tours in the Mid Atlantic, Appalachians and Southeast US and beyond.

Suggested Tours Include: Shenandoah National Park, Ricketts Glen Waterfalls, West Virginia Highlands, the Chesapeake Bay, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Coastal South Carolina, Cape May and many more.

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