Lost in Iceland Final Payment (Single Occupancy)

Lost in Iceland Final Payment (Single Occupancy)

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Clothing/Gear Information

The temperature can change quite rapidly in Iceland. It can be rather cold in the morning but when the sun comes up it can get quite warm, especially when the sky is clear, little wind and one is walking. But then again it can change rapidly if it gets cloudy and windy.

So be prepared to both add cloths on and to remove clothes. For example one can dress in light sweatshirt, and a warmer pullover over and then have light coat with a hood and light trousers that is both wind and water proof. Long johns are very practical to pack. A cap, light gloves and scarf are good to pack as well.

The average temperature for July to August is about 12-14ºC or 54-57ºF

A well-known company manufacturing modern cloths for outdoor activity in Iceland is for example 66 North. They have a store at the international airport and few in the Reykjavik area.

Light Walking Shoes

It is necessary to have good walking shoes for our field trips. However they should not be too heavy. That means that one is carrying extra load on each foot.

When choosing walking shoes one should not be able to touch the inside of the shoe with the toes. The old rule that one should be able to get a finger down behind the heel is still true. Little finger is enough if the hand is big.

Many people have started to use light walking sticks to ease climbing or walking over rough country. It is very handy.

Rain Gear/Special Equipment

We recommend having appropriate rain gear including a water/wind prof shell in the form of a jacket & pants. You will also need a pair of muck boots or hip waders for working along waterfalls, streams and especially the coastline.  Cabela's Muck Boots Selections - Cabela's Hip Waders Selections 

Feel free to purchase your gear anywhere you see fit. The links above are only suggestions to help you find the the appropriate gear.

Camera Gear

Please check our camera gear checklist below for all information about our recommendations.


Participants have to bring their own laptop computers and storage medium.

All electrical outlets in Iceland are European standard so please bring an adapter if you have different plugs.

ecomended Camera Equipment Checklist 


  • Camera bodies (2)
  • Wide angle lenses (14mm - 24mm)
  • Medium lenses (35mm - 70mm)
  • Long focus lenses (70mm - 300mm)
  • Lens extenders 
  • Bag for all camera gear
  • Bag for light location traveling with bodies accessories
  • Camera straps for ease of changing from one camera to another
  • Cloths for drying camera gears
  • Dust cleaning kits
  • Lens cleaning cloths
  • Rain/dust covers for cameras and lenses
  • Graduated filter set
  • Filter holder
  • Adapting rings for filter holder
  • High quality polarizing filter
  • High Quality Solid neutral Density Filters ( 3stops to 10 stops)
  • Rain/dust covers for cameras and lenses
  • Hoodmann loop
  • Sturdy but lightweight tripod for Camera-lens combination
  • Cable release
  • Small light to view camera settings in low light and to focus on
  • Charger for batteries
  • Spare batteries
  • European Standard power converters
  • Laptop computer
  • Raw processing software (Lightroom and/or Photoshop)
  • Cards and card wallets
  • Card reader
  • External drives, sturdy for traveling with (for originals and/or backups)
  • USB key to exchange images