I have a heart of an artist, and I am an aspiring nature photographer based in Northern Virginia. Being a big proponent of nature and the outdoors, I have always had an interest in beautiful landscapes. However, I didn’t buy my first camera until 2009 and rapidly advanced my skills thanks to a burning desire to succeed. I read many books and sought out workshops that opened my eyes to the full potential of my camera. But it was my obsessive behavior of scratching out every minute of light in the field that created this passion I have for landscape photography!

As an artist, I never stop thinking how I could inspire others to see Mother Nature at her finest moments. I wanted scenes to come alive with full energy from the past, but still images could only captivate people to a certain degree. So I started broadening my horizon with my camera and learned how to capture dynamic movements. Combined with images and music while creating a cinematic storyline, I have the freedom to create art that can be truly inspirational!

My images have been published in a variety of different media around the world. I was awarded 1st place in the 2011 National Cherry Blossom contest with the image ‘Reflection of Spring’. National Geographic picked it up for a book print in 2012 by Ann McClellan, and it was inducted into the National Library of Congress the same year. Another image, ‘A Morning To Remember,’ has been licensed for worldwide distribution by Solitudes.com and made the cover of a Zen Harmony music CD.

I have successfully instructed workshops from West Virginia to Maine, and thoroughly enjoy passing my skills to fellow passionate photographers. It’s a big reward to see photographers grasp my teachings and take off with their talents. However, the biggest accomplishment has been my perpetual love for photography, and I can’t even imagine myself without a camera in my hands again!