Born and raised in Hawaii, I learned about the Hawaiian culture, specifically the way the Ancient Hawaiians held the land in reverence. Those teachings instilled in me an understanding that human beings have an intrinsic relationship with the land that should be held in high respect.

The land possesses Mana, a sacred and spiritual life force. The experience we have in sacred or energetically resonate places is a powerful and mysterious feeling. For me it is explored through my vision, heart, and spiritual connection.
I began shooting nature landscapes over 15 years ago. Initially, I learned on a fully manual 35mm film Nikon F1 camera shooting with black and white film as well as color slides. After a couple of years, I transitioned to a digital camera system and quickly embraced the digital workflow process.
I left a career in engineering to live a life spent outdoors and to answer the call of an explorer’s dream. The desire to experience the diversity, complexity, and majestic powers of nature fuels my passion for travel and photography. Nature acts spontaneously, and without bias, and so it is a magnificent gift to be witness as events unfold.
Once I began traveling, however, I discovered a more subtle form of nature’s abundant life force. The “this is it” experience is not necessarily located at a particular destination; it is found along the way. I am drawn to the moments where I feel in harmony with my surroundings. My work focuses on capturing beautiful light on impactful subjects in order to propel the viewer into a natural experience.
The photographic process for me is separated into two distinct phases. In the field, I use a DSLR camera to capture the visual data that is used to create the final image. In the digital editing (post-processing) phase, I use tools to balance the exposure as well add contrast in selective areas. My process results in an images that are slightly fantastical yet still rooted in reality.
I aim to create a sense of wonder in each of my pieces. I want to recapture the sense of awe and childhood imagination that often gets abandoned along the way to adulthood. I create art where the viewer is free to wallow in the mysteries and unknown of a beautiful landscape. May my images rejuvenate your spirit, bring you peace, and inspire your imagination.