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Among artistic disciplines, and even among other photography disciplines, natural landscape photographers are faced with an enormous challenge: the scenes we photograph are real and are not created with any input from the photographer. Instead, we have seek them out. There is no blank canvas to start, but rather a rich tapestry of existing materials that the photographer has to make sense of and showcase in a way that reflects their artistic vision.

This challenge is hard enough as it is, but some natural landscape photographers make it even more difficult by placing arbitrary restrictions on the subject matter they photograph and when they photograph it. This book is about removing those restrictions and expanding the domain of the subject matter that you photograph; to move beyond grand landscapes photographed during the golden hour and to include smaller scenes and intimate details that are everywhere and available to photograph in all types of light throughout the day.

We developed our ebook, at 174 pages with over 250 photographs, to help photographers develop field practices and a mindset that helps to see and discover these scenes, as well as learn the techniques to capture them in the field. Please see the preview for a full table of contents.

Included in Book

  • A discussion of the different types of small scenes and why you should consider photographing them
  • 12 key creative concepts and field practices to help you discover and photograph small scenes
  • Field techniques for macro, flowers, and foliage photographs (note: we use a simple kit, so this ebook does not cover complex gear or lighting set-ups)
  • Field techniques for abstract photographs
  • Foundations of photographic composition
  • A discussion of the importance of light in photographing small scenes and how you can use light to your advantage
  • How weather and atmospheric conditions can enhance your photographs
  • A discussion of mood and its importance in establishing an emotional connection to viewers
  • Technical fundamentals (exposure, focusing, depth of field, plus additional topics)
  • An image showcase of twelve of our small scene images, including a discussion on composition, light, mood, our thought process while in the field and post-processing choices for each
  • A discussion on our photo processing techniques and processing fundamentals, including three of our photos from start to finish
  • Exercises to facilitate your learning and application of the concepts
  • More than 250 images to demonstrate these concepts in a practical and immediately applicable manner

About the Authors

Sarah Marino and Ron Coscorrosa are nature and landscape photographers living in Denver, Colorado. They’ve spent the last two years traveling in the U.S., Canada, and Iceland exploring their passion for photography. You can see more of their stunning nature images on their website.