Kate Silva

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  • Dates: TBD
  • Location: Charleston, SC
  • Instructor: Kate Silva
  • Tuition: 1295.00

During this week of learning the basics, you explore the craft of photography with an instructor who makes the process fun. Split between classroom lectures, hands-on field shoots, and lively critique sessions, you listen as topics are thoroughly explained indoors—and then actively explore them through trial and error outdoors. Your instructor teaches you the building blocks of photography: Shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and how they all work together to determine exposure. You learn how to interpret your camera’s histogram, adjust the white balance, and use various metering modes. An A–to–Z equipment lecture covers cameras, lenses, tripods, and more. Learn how to use depth of field to stunning creative effect, and how techniques for composition can make your images sing. Group critiques help you identify areas you can improve while letting you see the work of your classmates.

The Basic Photography Workshop is where it all starts. If you’re new to photography look no further, this is the first block in your photographic pyramid. F-stops and Shutter Speeds will be demystified and you’ll be using your camera in Manual Exposure Mode by the second day! You’ll learn about how to control Depth of Field and Focus as well as how shutter speed affects movement. Need to understand the difference between JPEG and RAW or struggling with the basics of White Balance? This workshop has you covered. The main focus of this week is taking control of your camera and getting consistently good exposures and sharp images. You’ll learn why your camera continually gives you exposures that just don’t cut it and how to outsmart your camera to get better photographs. And if you are already familiar with some of these concepts but lack the confidence to consistently utilize them manually – meaning using your brain rather than relying on the camera’s very limited computer brain – this may be the way to go for you to help solidify your understanding.


Meeting Space

This workshop will be held at the Holiday Inn, Charleston. Your class will meet in the TBT Room at the hotel. This workshop begins Sunday at 7 p.m. and ends Thursday after sunset.


We suggest that you stay at this location during the course of the workshop.  Reservations can be made by calling the hotel directly. Be sure to indicate that you are a student of Rocky Mountain School of Photography.

Holiday Inn Charleston Airport & Conv Ctr

5264 International Blvd

North Charleston, SC 29418

Rates: Rooms have been blocked at the rate of $TBT per night + tax for a standard room for Saturday, April 11 and $TBT per night + tax Sunday – Thursday, dates TBT

Cutoff date: Be sure to make your reservations by TBT, 2015. After this date, reservations will be based on availability.

Cancellation Policy: Please check with the hotel regarding their cancellation policy.


Free parking is available at the hotel.

Air Transportation

AIL is not responsible for cancellations due to medical or other emergencies or reimbursement of non-refundable airline tickets/hotel rooms in the event of a course cancellation. Please consider the purchase of trip/travel insurance.

The nearest airport for this workshop is the Charleston International Airport, located approximately 15 miles from the hotel. For information about carrier and flight schedules visit the airport website.

Car Rental

Major car rental companies are available at the airports. Contact information and links can be found by visiting the airport websites.

Travel During Workshop

You are responsible for your own transportation during the workshop. For transportation to and from field shoots, we suggest that students carpool to get to know fellow students. Your final email will include a car share list of interested participants.


You are responsible for your own meals during the workshop. Your instructor will allow plenty of breaks in the schedule.