Autumn in Zion and Slot Canyons of Page Photo Tour 2016

Autumn in Zion and Slot Canyons of Page Photo 2016 Tour Deposit.

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Zion National Park is a nature photographers dream! Towering sandstone mountains, deep canyons, slick rock domes and the fall color of Cottonwoods and Maples. This workshop will explore the best that the park have to offer and is for the fit and adventurous photographer. After three days in Zion, we head over to Page, AZ to photograph the many world famous slot canyons as well as off-the-beaten path secret locations and iconic desert landscapes.


Moderate. Most locations are close to roads and parking lots w/ some scrambling down hills to reach streams and falls. Longest hike 5 mile RT to photograph the Virgin River Narrows, requiring wading through the river up to waist deep most of the way .

  • Dates: November 5-10, 2016
  • Instructors: Joseph Rossbach
  • Cost: $1695.00USD
  • Deposit: $300.00USD
  • (Option to extend your workshop by an extra day with an overnight camping trip[ to White Pocket, 350.00 additional fee)


  • Quality, professional, 1-on-1 photography instruction on par with your level as a photographer 
  • 8 - 10 hours per day of in-field shooting and instruction 
  • Water and snacks throughout the workshop 
  • A fun, positive, interactive learning environment 
  • Small class size of 8 students maximum

Transportation, meals and Lodging are not included in the cost!


  • Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO
  • Metering and getting a correct exposure
  • Histograms, how to read them, and how to fine-tune exposure 
  • Creative depth-of-field effects using aperture control 
  • White balance and creative coloration 
  • Creating perspective, depth, and a sense of "being there" in your photos 
  • Creating powerful compositions with impact 
  • Composing to control your viewer's attention in your photos 
  • Compositional Balance, Tension, and Visual Flow 
  • How to use filters to capture dramatic light or create long-exposure effects


The temperature can change quite rapidly in fall. It can be cold in the morning but when the sun comes up it can get quite warm, especially when the sky is clear. But then again it can change rapidly if it gets cloudy and windy.

So be prepared to both add clothes on and to remove clothes. For example one can dress in light sweatshirt, and a warmer pullover over and then have light coat with a hood and light trousers that is both wind and water proof. Long johns are very practical to pack. A cap, light gloves and scarf are good to pack as well.

The average temperature for November is 35F - 62F.


It is necessary to have good walking shoes for our field trips. However they should not be too heavy. That means that one is carrying extra load on each foot.

Sturdy hiking boots can come in handy for longer walks/hikes over rocky terrain.

Many people have started to use light walking sticks to ease climbing or walking over rough country. It is very handy.


We recommend having appropriate rain gear including a water/wind prof shell in the form of a jacket & pants. You will also need a pair of muck boots or hip waders for working along waterfalls, streams and especially the coastline.  Cabela's Muck Boots Selections - Cabela's Hip Waders Selections 

Feel free to purchase your gear anywhere you see fit. The links above are only suggestions to help you find the the appropriate gear.

Gear for the Narrows

We will be renting equipment from Zion Adventure Company for our hike up the Narrows and the secret slot outside of the park. Average cost for gear per day is 50.00USD. Equipment rental includes canyoneering dry pants, neoprene socks, canyoneering boots, trekking pole & dry bag for equipment.


Please check our camera gear checklist below for all information about our recommendations.


Participants have to bring their own laptop computers and storage medium.