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October 29 - Nov. 1, 2018 | view other workshops

Autumn in Zion National Park Photography Workshop w Joseph Rossbach 

Explore your vision and refine your skills all the while photographing greatest display of red rocks and fall foliage in the world. We will photograph the classic scenes in Zion, as well as spots off the beaten path.

Zion National Park is a nature photographers dream! Towering sandstone mountains, deep canyons, slick rock domes and the fall color of Cottonwoods and Maples. This workshop will explore the best that the park have to offer and is for the fit and adventurous photographer.

During this workshop, Joe will teach a variety of techniques that will allow you to advance both your technical skills and artistic vision. We focus on a number of professional field techniques to help you create dramatic and powerful nature images, including working with dramatic light, including sunrise and sunset; the fundamentals of powerful compositions; and abstract techniques for creating artistic photographs. We’ll also teach you professional “digital darkroom” secrets and explore a number of artistic philosophies that will help you find your own personal vision.

The details:

  • Limit:
  • Cost: $995.00
  • Deposit: $200.00 
  • Days: 4 days


Day 1: Meet and greet beginning at 1pm at the LaQuinta. Afternoon/sunset shoot in the park after we get everyone geared up w rentals for the Narrows.

Day 2 - 4 We will be photographing a variety of landscapes as well as hiking the Virgin River Narrows and a slot canyon outside of the park with numerous waterfalls. In addition, we will also visit several other areas in the canyon and on the rim for sunrise/morning and late afternoon/sunset shoots. 

*We will have at least one post processing session over these three days focusing on Joe's digital darkroom techniques and workflow.

Our Vision & Focus:

Joe will focus on advanced seeing and ways to unlock creativity in situations that require conceptual and compositional ingenuity. In addition to composition and creative vision, Joe will discuss the best use of light and subject matter to create a memorable and publishable image. 

On Workflow:

We will focus on teaching a logical, effective workflow that ensures the highest quality for your work, as well an image archive that is stable, consistent, and retrievable over the long term, and that ultimately liberates rather than burdens.  He will cover step by step the process from shooting RAW files in the field to optimizing the final image in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop.

Workflow topics to be covered include:

  • File formats for shooting and for archiving
  • Exposing for digital
  • Downloading for automatic image organization
  • Proper file naming
  • Cataloging of images: Lightroom
  • Keywording and captioning of images
  • The many uses of metadata
  • Processing the raw file
  • Using the tools in Adobe Lightroom’s Develop Module
  • Color spaces for the best results in different media
  • Creating panoramic images
  • Color adjustment strategies
  • Using Photoshop to finalize the image: dodging and burning, adjustment layers and layer masking, controlling luminosity and contrast, sharpening for output
  • Tony Kuyper Luminosity Masks

The workshop includes field sessions, classroom lectures and ample hands-on instruction & critiques. As always, Joe will be present to teach and assist students throughout the workshop.


  • Small group of 6 participants
  • Advanced seeing: Learn to find new and unexpected compositions
  • Breaking through creative block and making great photographs in challenging situations
  • Mastering a logical, efficient, and consistent workflow, from capture to final master image, that frees you to focus on creativity
  • Ensuring the highest-possible final image quality
  • Amazing slot canyon and river hikes.
  • Constructive group critiques of participant work

Accommodations & Travel:

Students are responsible for their own lodging, transportation and meals.  Please make reservations at any hotel in Springdale, but we highly recommend the LaQuinta Inn and Suites, 792 Zion Park Boulevard, Springdale, UT 84767 -  (435) 627-5280